It gives me immense pleasure to appreciate the service and the work rendered by Aastha’s Anand Niektan a special school from Mapusa. This school has been a great support for all the special children in and around Mapusa.

It is said God never gives us more than we can handle.

My son Abhinav who is a special child with Down Syndrorme has been progressing in all aspects.


Mr. Subhash Pal Mapusa, Goa

The day I gave birth to my child Master Ayaan, I remember it was a second time of my birth. I was so happy to see my child. My Child suffered from hyper billirubinemia and was cared in an incubator at NICU Gauns Hospital, Mapusa. Dr. Gauns told me we have to constantly keep noticing my son’s development. Unaware of my son’s disability, I was happy.  Whenever we visited pediatrician, Dr. Gauns he would enquire whether my son looks at me, smiles at me and all.


Mrs. Nasimabanu Shaikh Goa

Plight of parents when their child is diagnosed as Autistic. Parents in such situations become panic, mentally and physically down, cannot take any proper decision, everything spins around them and feels like everybody points fingers at them and laughs.  Here besides the child, parent also has to be treated with love and affection and they at that time are mentally insecure.  We being parents of Eeshan Nagvenkar age 15 years, have undergone such traumatic situation.  When at the age of 3 years he was diagnosed borderline autistic.


Dr. Sangeeta Nagvenkar,
Dental Surgeon

Enjoying Anandniketan

The great social reformer and author Sane Guruji had written- करी मनोरंजन जो मुलांचे, जडेल नाते प्रभूशी तयाचे

(One who entertains the kids develops a bond with divinity)

I believe Anandniketan has been doing this since its inception. Many a times when disabled kids are born the family, the parents may think “what is our fate?. Why only us? What’s the use of such ‘defective” kids?””


Dr. Nandkumar Mukund Kamat,
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Botany ,
Goa University,
Member, Goa State Planning Board