Dr. Sangeeta Nagvenkar,
Dental Surgeon

Plight of parents when their child is diagnosed as Autistic. Parents in such situations become panic, mentally and physically down, cannot take any proper decision, everything spins around them and feels like everybody points fingers at them and laughs.  Here besides the child, parent also has to be treated with love and affection and they at that time are mentally insecure.  We being parents of Eeshan Nagvenkar age 15 years, have undergone such traumatic situation.  When at the age of 3 years he was diagnosed borderline autistic.

Before that we had no problem with Eeshan. He appeared to be normal with absolutely no problem and a quiet child. After his 3rd birthday situation started changing Eeshan who was a quiet boy started running at high speed and gradually his behavior started to change. Grabbed things from strangers, screaming loudly, started biting people, spinning around himself become insomniacs (no sleep) keeping us awake, then his speech stopped speaking and started making gestures which we fail to understand started creating temper tantrums. When things turned bad we took him to the Doctor and was diagnosed as Autistic and then directed at Sethu where special training was given for Eeshan and he started responding. But things started turning worst when he took admission in Resource room of another school; after 5 years of patience we both parents took the decision to change the resource room and take admission in another special school. Which school? Again a big question mark! So somebody suggested Anand Niketan and gave us the mobile no. of Mrs. Vrinda Moye (Administrator) of the school. I with shaking hands called her and when she spoke hearing her warm affectionate voice made me confident about the school and immediately decided to take admission in the same. 1st day when we entered the school with Eeshan, Mrs. Moye gave us warm affectionate welcome and introduced us to all the staff members. We were happy but again Eeshan started running, spitting, knocking and stood on the table and started to climb but Mrs. Moye gave second glance ignored him and assured us that everything will be ok and Eeshan will be fine like other children. Gradually things started to change with tender love care imparted on Eeshan he started to change stopped spitting completely. He started becoming obedient, independent and taking permission for all activities such as going to toilet, asks for biscuits, chocolate, tea, coffee of he wants something.  He completely stopped his biting habit which was the worst as this was preventing us to mix with other children out of fear of biting. Now he listens to us and sleeps peacefully at night. If we say “No Eeshan don’t do” he will not until we permit him.

At home he spends his time doing paper bags, plays with his younger sister, sings and plays harmonium and studies together.

This drastic change was never expected so soon meaning within a span of 2 years.

I deeply thank Mrs. Vrinda Moye and her staff for bring such wonderful change in Eeshan and making him human being (Civilised) words of all short for me.

I thank you all. God bless you all and impart good health and grant all your wishes.

Thank you.


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