Mrs. Nasimabanu Shaikh Goa

The day I gave birth to my child Master Ayaan, I remember it was a second time of my birth. I was so happy to see my child. My Child suffered from hyper billirubinemia and was cared in an incubator at NICU Gauns Hospital, Mapusa. Dr. Gauns told me we have to constantly keep noticing my son’s development. Unaware of my son’s disability, I was happy.  Whenever we visited pediatrician, Dr. Gauns he would enquire whether my son looks at me, smiles at me and all.

Even by 5 months my son would not respond to sound, had not head neck control MRI was done, he was diagnosed through BERA we found hearing loss and delayed development as my son was suffering from Cerebral Palsy with hearing loss. I was tense and depressed. It took me time to come out of it, but I didn’t lose hope and began thinking positively looking at even severely disabled children, acknowledging my child is much better by the grace of god.

I began routine therapy for my son at GMC, MPT and home. Ayaan was not sitting, had problems of feeding.

I remember my son was the first to get an admission in Ashadeep School at Mormugao, when he was just one year old.  There luckily we got Dr. Naresh Babu, Occupational Therapist with Occupational Therapy my son started improving slowly. At school he also received physiotherapy, speech therapy etc.

Due to unavoidable circumstances I shifted residence to Mapusa, when Ayaan was 3 years, so I would have up and down to Ashadeep School which was miles away from Mapusa. And with Allah’s mercy when Ayaan was 5 years old a new special school was started in Mapusa named Aastha’s Anand Niketan School for the differently abled. With the consent of Dr. Naresh Babu and Dr. Gauns I took admission at Anand Niketan.

At the time to admission hardly 5 students were there with only one faculty. Soon therapist started therapy for children at school. As the strength of students started increasing, teachers also increased.

I remember and respect the positive thinking of Administrator, Mrs. Vrinda Moye even when my son was not standing and also speechless, yet she made him participate in a welcome song at Rotary Club Consumer Shoppee. I asked her “what would Ayaan sing there?”, she said “atleast he will add to the sound there.”

Along with therapy at Anand Niketan, Ayaan was taught to hold a pencil, scribble and write.  With efforts of Anand Niketan, Ayaan started writing his own name, began eating by himself and started standing on his own feet.    He was taken for competitions in other schools.  Along with Anand Niketan teachers, therapists the main pillars Aastha supported us in getting solutions thus with the enthusiastic efforts of our school our children improved a lot.  The school also appoints specialist doctors for routine checkups. There is so much to pen down, but in short I’m explaining.

Ayaan is now 10 years old. He walks, he rides a bicycle, eats himself and academically he now writes, unbelievably he does addition, subtraction tables etc. He communicates with little speech as well as signs.

I am proud to have Mast. Ayaan as my son. I thank Allah for giving me a child ‘differently abled’. Ayaan is an intelligent and loving child. I would say, ‘Nothing is impossible’ accept the differently abled child.  Thinking positively makes our world change.  Therapy is a must for our children and we working with them is too.  I’ve seen the difference it made to my son, thus I say, Nothing is impossible.

Our school now has its own premises, increasing the strength of children, teachers and therapist. Management is planning to begin a Day Care Centre also, where our children can stay and learn other activities, improve and be more independent.  Parents also get together and share each other’s view and sort out each other’s problems.  Here we all come together for an equal purpose, be they parents, teachers, therapists and management members, discuss and bring about solutions.  Management is constantly thinking and planning better to secure the life of our children.

I am thankful to all, as I am a part of Anand Niketan School for the differently abled and a mother of a multiple disability child.

My personal request to all the parents is to never be depressed, nothing is impossible.  Our children need a little help, love and positive thinking which will change the world for them.

I am proud of my son Mast. Ayaan.

Ayaan is Allah’s gift to me.


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