Day Care

Every Special Child has one or the other special quality or qualities present in them.

We at Aastha’s Anand Niketan have started Day Care Centre where Children with Special Needs will feel Comfortable, Loved and Secured.

We keep Keen watch on the needs and the interest of each child and try to provide homely atmosphere to them to harness their talent and encourage it in them.

At Day Care Centre we enhance their abilities/talent in smooth and enjoyable pattern taking cognizance of their physical and mental capabilities and Capacities.

We train our students in music to enhance their skills in solo singing & playing various instruments.

To improve dancing skill, we encourage them too dance & develop skills of enjoying together.

Similarly we teach clay modelling to our students. Clay has to be poked, pinched, twisted and rolled which help to improve sensory stimulation, fine motor as well as grass motor skills.

Dramatics is an importance means of stimulating creativity in the children. Special Children can improve their speech and communication. They get confidence to speak in public and also develop skills of bonding with those around them.

Yogasans help children with special needs.Breathing and Relaxation techniques help them improve concentration and body movements.

Breathing Exercise and Relaxation techniques help to improve concentration 7 build capacities to control movements.

Judo and Karate are skills which help to improve concentration & muscle control. It inculcates a sense of self belief in them as well.

We look forward to bring a smile on face of each and every Special Child through our Day Care Centre which will enhance the quality of lives of our Special Friends for life.


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