Siddham which deeply means to succeed, be successful and be accomplished.

Well said “when there is a will there is a way”. Some well known people from Mapusa formed an organization Aashta through which they started a special school Anand Niketan for the differently abled.

Special Educator taught the students above 18 years prevocational skills which were important in our day to day life.  Vocational Instructor from Saraswat Vidyalaya Mr. Nagendra Kore assessed the trainees based on their physical strength, understanding, simple skills as using hammer, nail, folding crew driver etc. Initially along with the Special Educator he trained the trainees to make Blackboard, dusters, Ganpati momentos at his vocational unit in Saraswat Vidyalaya.

By observing the trainees developing skills the members of Aastha realized the need to set up a vocational unit and for which Shri. Francis D’Souza, Dy. CM led a great financial support.

On 3rd October 2014 SIDDHAM Vocational Training Centre was inaugurated at the hands of Shri. Francis D’Souza, Deputy Chief Minister of Goa along with the members of Aashta, parents of Anand Niketan and our well wishers at a small rented room located in the heart of the city which was offered as a great help by Mr. Sanjay Walawlikar.

Vocational trainees were taught different skills such as:-

  1. Stocking flower- Students were taught to make stocking flower which had a great demand and caught everybody eyes.
  2. Newspaper bag- Trainees mastered the skill of making paper bags and learnt to recycle best out of waste.
  3. Atta making skill:- With parents great cooperation in providing raw material trainees were taught to make atta (flow from wheat).
  4. Decorated Diyas:- At the time of Diwali festival of lights trainees painted colourful diyas and decorated them.
  5. Paper plate:- Trainees were trained to make plates from the silver paper ‘Patravalis’ to be used on the occasion of Ganpati Puja etc.

And other skills such as Haldi Kum stand, Vase painting, envelope etc are also taught.

We look forward to make our trainees independent and earn their livelihood and we are proud to see the performance and achievement of each trainee and their enthusiasm of proving themselves in the competent society.


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