Sahara Medical Equipment

In association with Rotary Club of Mapusa

' The world is changed not by opinion but by your example.'
We are proud to share the news that the humble family of Mrs. Sheela Naik ,that seeked help with Aastha's Sahara bank has been touched by our noble cause and has donated a Bubble Air Mattress to the same as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for the service we provide to the community in their delicate times of trouble and need. ' Inspiring with our actions.'

Medical Equipments are available for Rent use on payment of deposit

Contact : Mrs. Vrinda Moye
Phone : +91-9049114815

Sr. No. Date Equipment Name Qty Addition Date Qty Name of the Donor
1 30/06/20 Medical Bed 8
2 30/06/20 Wheel Chair 5 19/01/21 1 Inner Wheel Club Mapusa
3 30/06/20 Walkers 2
4 21/11/20 Side handles 10
5 21/11/20 Toilet Chairs 2
6 12/4/2020 Air Pump & mattress 2 4/8/2021 1 Mrs Sheela Naik
7 6/12/2021 Oxygen Concentration 2 Mukunl Madhav Foundation

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