Special Education

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way. – George Evans

At Aastha’s Anand Niketan in this we strongly believe. Each and every child with special needs is different and possesses some skill, which if given proper training, can bloom and shine bright just as any mainstream child. Special Education caters to children with Intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, Behaviour problems, Hearing and Vision, ASD & ADHD, Speech & Language and any conditions that affect optimal education.

A Special Educator plays an important role like a second mother of a child where the main focus is on the functional and real life aspects of a child. Once the student is admitted in the school, a thorough assessment is been done by a trained special educator, using various tools like FACP, Autism Checklist and Behavioral Assessment checklist whichever is applicable to the student. This is followed by a home visit where a special educator gives a surprise visit to the student at their residence. Home Visit helps to get an idea of a child’s behavior in his home environment. Also the complete case history is documented.

At Aastha the teaching curriculum followed is completely based on a functional platform to teach skills which allows each student to succeed at real life situations. We mainly follow the Functional Assessment Checklist for Programming (FACP) for children with Intellectual disabilities and Autism Checklist for Children with Autism which focuses on domains such as personal, social, communication, prevocational skills and recreational activities. Once the assessment and Home visit is done, the goals are been planned and designed in such a way where child’s strength and need is given preference.

In order to make the child independent and productive member of the society we try to identify the needs of the child and provide them with necessary training. Adaptive and modified devices are designed by teachers which helps the students to accomplish the goals with ease. Students are periodically evaluated.

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