Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum at Aastha provides children with the correct Physical/Body Knowlegde, Body Language, Mental and Physical Strength and above all self confidence.

The program is such that it usually encourages psychometric learning through play and movement which in turn promotes Health and Physical Fitness. For Example, Mass PT, Yoga Asnas, Suryanamaskar, Specific Sports and Games which not only focus on physical fitness but also teach teamwork.

At Aastha’s Anand Niketan Physical Educator does not limit to Physical Activity training but also inculcates Healthy food Habits and orients children to value of proper nutrition.

Lot of focus is given to Emotional, physical and social stability through Physical Education for them to lead a balanced life on a day to day basis. Students develop Agility, flexibility, Power, Stamina, Strength, Co-ordination, etc.through the physical education. Some of the popular Games with children are taught with modified rules and skills such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Roller skate, Football, Basketball, Bocce, Ringo Stick etc. The intent is to develop not only the stamina but also give them the confidence to participate and compete in games /sports at different level.

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