With the integration of play therapy in Physiotherapy an individual need specific exercise programme i.e. structured following a detailed examination, evaluation and provisional diagnosis of the limitations to the be minimized and abilities to be maximized, the intervention programme is designed.

At Anand Niketan the physiotherapist takens in account the fact that the child is a constantly developing human being. To be fully integrated and mature the child must develop an array of skills, both personal and social, to accept and be accepted in family, society and vivid environment. Physiotherapy has its role at home, school and outdoors. Thus a parent training programme i.e a thorough explanation, instruction and demonstration of the exercise programme is rendered to the parents and those responsible for the childs development with an exercise hand out given for reference respectively with timely review and prompt modification of the exercise programme.

Successful and beneficial Parent Training Programme.
Achievements through Physiotherapy:

Hastening of developmental milestones. Sensory and motor development. Improve strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and multi tasking. Increase participation. Enhance learning opportunity. Eases challenges of daily care giving. Behaviour modification by reducing attention seeking and attention span improvisation.

Prescription of necessary and appropriate assistive devices like corrective orthosis and walking aids to improve posture and gait.

Selectively individual and group therapy sessions for personality development through competitiveness and sportsmanship.

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